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The newest theme park is much visited – In the era of modern department we sometimes difficult to find a place to play or playground fit for us on vacation with family and children. most vacation spots are available right now is the mall and it is not good for the development of our children. Everland (SOUTH KOREA)Everland (SOUTH KOREA)

for friends who are planning for a vacation to the park with the family, here I will give some recommendations newest theme park, which is much visited which to play. one of which is below:
Everland (SOUTH KOREA)
Not to be outdone by Walt Disney World have the United States, the State Ginseng, South Korea, also built a playground named Everland. Everland is the largest playground in South Korea. Every year, at least 8.6 million people visit the playground located in Yongin, Gyeonggi-do Province this. A high number of visitors who made Everland ranked 10th in the playground of the most famous in the world. Everland has a zoo and a water park themed Caribbean island. In addition, Everland also has a five roller-coaster and a play area with five different themes.
The United States has a world playground is located in the Orlando area in the state of Florida. Yes, the playground is Walt Disney World, which is already very take sing sounded in our ears. Walt Disney World has an area of ​​121.7 km2 and is divided into four sections playground. The details, two water parks, 23 resorts, camping ground, two spa and fitness facilities, five golf courses and other entertainment arena. Walt Disney World was opened on October 1, 1971 and make it as a playground with the most visitors in the world each year. Because the number of visitors is estimated at about 16 million people per year. walt disney world
In addition to Walt Disney World, the United States also has a playground named SeaWorld San Diego. Yes, the location of this playground is no longer in Florida, but SeaWorld San Diego is located in San Diego, California. SeaWorld San Diego was built in 1964 in San Diego, California. SeaWorld San Diego has an area of ​​8.9 hectares and provides travelers the opportunity to see wild marine animals such as dolphins, beluga whales, sea lions and polar bears up close again. In addition to the attractions rich in marine animals, SeaWorld San Diego also serves roller coaster and simulation theater 4th Dimension.
Besides the United States, Disneyland also stand very majestic in Tokyo, Japan. Disneyland playground is the first built outside the United States. But do not worry, because the rides and attractions found in the playground is not lost with the Disneyland of the United States. Even Disneyland Japan is nearly equal to Disneyland California. Disneyland Japan has an area of ​​465,000 m2 and was opened on April 15, 1983. The audience was also not lost by visitors Disneyland in the United States. Therefore, visitors to Disneyland Japan could reach 14.4 million people per year. Japan’s Disneyland has five play areas with different themes, namely the World Bazaar, Adventure land, Western land, Fantasy land and Tomorrow land.
Deep in the plains of Europe, there are several playgrounds that stood so grand and no less with a playground in the United States. The first playground that will be discussed is the Black pool Pleasure Beach in England. Black pool Pleasure Beach is the most popular playground in England. Black pool Pleasure Beach can attract millions of visitors each year. Black pool Pleasure Beach is located in the seaside town Blackpool Beach and has four waterpark rides and 10 roller coasters. Amazingly, the roller coaster that is owned by Black pool Pleasure Beach is a steel roller coaster pepsi max big, which is basically `tallest roller coaster in the UK.
Story best playground in the world come from the country last matador, Spain. Playground named Port Aventura is the biggest playground in Spain consisting of playgrounds and resorts. Port Aventura is located in Salou, Catalonia, Spain. If you were visiting the city of Barcelona, not perfect seems if you do not visit Port Aventura. For to go to Port Aventura, you can simply do a 1 hour drive from the home town of the famous Spanish football club, FC Barcelona. Each year, Port Aventura visited by about three million visitors. Port Aventura has three water park rides and six roller coasters. port aventura
Playgrounds both in the plains of Europe that will be discussed is the Europa Park is located in Rust, Germany. Europa Park is the largest playgrounds in Germany are equipped with 15 area playground with a theme that is very unique. One of the play area themed name European countries. Uniquely Europa Park is a seasonal playground. Usually Europa Park opened just before Easter until early November. Then the playground will be reopened from November to January second week. In addition to the playground, Europa Park also has a campground, guest house and a hotel.
Quite a lot is not the most widely playground visit so make it confused looking for a place to play can try the above recommendations will certainly intriguing and want to repeat again because besides giving a different feel too good effect for us. besides refreshing we can also use natural shades rarely encountered in major cities like now. So do not hesitate to go to the park to play the latest longer trend and more crowded in the visit

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