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Brooklyn Botanical Garden – You saturate the hustle of the city? or maybe you get bored with just a tourist spot that’s it. if you need a vacation and looking for a vacation spot that is still fresh and away from the hustle of the city, you can try to come to Brooklyn botanical garden. Brooklyn botanical garden located in New York, botanical gardens consist of a variety of unique garden and has a characteristic, respectively. The following types of garden that is in Brooklyn botanical garden: Brooklyn Botanical Garden

Cherry Esplanade
visitors can stroll in the park surrounded by cherry trees. Come here in late April, when the cherry blossom festival, you will be treated to beautiful scenery in the Cherry Esplanade. cherry explanade

Children’s Garden
children aged 2-17 years are taught to planting trees. For toddlers or here called kindergardeners taught to plant, harvest with a relaxed and enjoyable atmosphere. For children who are old enough to be taught a lesson about the natural sciences, ecology and everything about plants. Furthermore, these young people can become Junior Instructor at the Children’s Garden. The program is conducted in order to foster a sense of love of the environment on the young generation.

Fragrance Garden
Like fresh perfume? If yes, then this place is perfect for you. the park is cool, clean and of course, fragrance. There are at least four categories of plants here, namely Plants for Touch, with Scented Plant Leaves, Flowers and Fragrance Kitchen Herbs.
Plant for Touch in the area, visitors can feel the various textures unique foliage as the leaves of agave sharp spiny soft and so forth. In Scented Plants with Leaves, you are required to wipe – rub the leaves that emit a fragrance. Some of his plants include apple geranium, lavender and peppermint. In the Kitchen Herbs, tourists are invited to better identify the benefits of various traditional medicines made from herbs. While at the site of Flower Fragrance, you do not need to touch the leaves to get a fresh fragrance. Because here, the flora is naturally emit fragrance smelled of perfume. fragrance garden

BBG closed Monday, while Tuesday – Friday open from 8:00 until 18:00. Then Saturday – Sunday 10:00 to 18:00.

curious is not it? Let’s prepare yourself for a trip to Brooklyn botanical garden. Vacation with a new atmosphere and of course still very fresh, one with nature, learn about nature, and of course get more knowledge and insight about nature, especially the gardens. so do not delay delay, immediately insert into the list and plan your holiday.

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