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Famous Tourist Spots in Barcelona – Barcelona is one of the cities located in the country of Spain. The city is also known as the hometown of the football club Barcelona. certainly know right at the football club Barcelona? for those of you football fans certainly know this club. Have you ever visited Barcelona? if you have never been to Barcelona and want to visit Barcelona, ​​I would recommend the following places those exposed in Barcelona you should visit: FC Barcelona Museum and Stadium Nou Camp

FC Barcelona Museum and Stadium Nou Camp
If you want to look directly Barca play at home, then it is the best experience for Been to Camp Nou. In the Camp Nou, you can see the museum and then watch the stars Barca play their football skills. Even when there is no soccer match at the Camp Nou stadium, you can visit in the FCB museum, because this is one Places in Barcelona’s most popular, and Camp Nou has one of the Nike store the largest in Europe with merchandise and knickknacks football ,

La Sagrada Familia
La Sagrada Familia is the number one tourist attraction in Barcelona. This incredible building was established in 1882 and until today still in the development stage. Even the government says that this development will be added for 30 to 80 years to complete this building. A famous architect, named Antonio Gaudi is a magnificent building behind the designing of La Sagrada Familia. La Sagrada Familia is a manifestation of a commitment of devotion, and dedication of Barcelonans. This Basilica attracts about 2.8 million visitors annually. La Sagrada Familia is one of the most famous buildings in the world and is definitely a must visit if you’re in Barcelona. La Sagrada Familia

Modernist Park Guell
Places of Interest in Barcelona Spain, Parc Guell in arsiteki by Antoni Gaudi. Parc Guelli is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and is considered as one of the best works of Antonio Gaudi. Parc Guell is a popular tourist attraction in Barcelona, ​​and your visit to Barcelona would not be complete if it does not see this place. It is in the Carmel hills and if you want to see this site means you have to walk uphill a few times on the hill. The original plans for the manufacture Parc Guell is to build a residential private and exclusive garden city with 60 houses with a specific reason. Plans to sell the house in this developer failed due to lack of interest of buyers, and in 1923 the site was given to the city council and became a public park until all can visit and admire this place to this day. Modernist Park Guell

Casa Mila
Also known as La Pedrera is a building in Catalonia, Spain which was also designed by Antoni Gaudi. This historic structure was established between 1906 and 1912, these buildings are considered to be the work of the most eccentric of all the creations of Antoni Gaudi. The unique thing of Casa Mila is a meandering shape makes this building is a must visit. Inside, Casa Mila save some of Gaudí. Casa Mila

Las Ramblas
Las Ramblas is Barcelona’s most famous Boulvard. Along the way, Las Ramblas there are small shops selling food, antiques, souvenirs and local products. Coupled with the appearance of the street performers were very interesting to see because it provides entertainment to travelers complete with costumes that are very interesting.Las Ramblas

Montjuic meaning ‘Mountain Jews’ is a shallow hill located in the southwest of the city of Barcelona. In the eastern part of the hill is a bluff with incredible views that can be used as the background of the photo is very beautiful.

Thus some places on the famous tourist spots in Barcelona. may be useful for those of you who are want a vacation to Barcelona but do not know want to visit anywhere or for those of you who are planning a vacation but do not know where to vacation, please visit Barcelona. there are many very interesting sights.

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