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Facts about the Whittier City Alaska Who would have ever been to Alaska? especially to one of the cities in Alaska that is quite unique. City of Whittier Alaska, Whittier is a city that has a very remote locations and access roads only one. whittier alaska city

There is a 14 stores building which is home to most of the city’s population. In addition the building is also home to a post office, a church, and a grocery store located in the city. Whittier City  in Alaska is inhabited by about 200 people. Interestingly, they all had lived in the same condominium. The condo was named Begich Towers, which is located in the suburbs.

In addition to be a place to stay together, the condo was also inhabited by the police station, health clinic, shops, laundry, and a church that was in the basement. It’s really unimaginable how missionaries, bartender, city council members, police, and even drug dealers can coexist in the same building, sharing the same facilities, and ride in the same elevator.

Such a life could probably be adapted in Whittier, mainly because of the size and weather conditions in the city. The city is indeed quite difficult to

You can only get there by sea, or take a long passing through one of the tunnels that cross the mountainous area, which is only one way at a certain time. And at night, the tunnel was closed completely.

Author Erin Sheehy, who visited Begich Towers for The California Sunday Magazine, said that the building lacked one thing, namely school. Whittier children in school in a building located behind Begich Towers. And because the weather in the city was quite extreme, there is only one way for them to get to school. They must pass through an underground tunnel to reach it. Although Begich Towers offers a lot of things, there are still some people in Whittier who choose not to stay there. Some of them live in other places, such as in a small condo right above train tracks.

Established in 1969, nine years after the army moved out of town. Whittier was built from scratch by several hundred civilians who chose to remain there.

They began working to create a new city for themselves. Residents of the city also has the motto is: “You have not seen anything until you’ve seen Whittier.”
A place that can be visited while in the Whittier City

Anton Anderson Tunnel
Whittier tunnel leading into town is very unique because it is one and only road, in addition to hiking the mountain, to get to the city Whittier. The tunnel is passable by car and train, and only fit for one lane only, so to get through the tunnel that we must turn of the people who want Whittier from heading out and with trains that will pass too . So when passing through the tunnel we drive car on the tracks. We are given a schedule of when to get through the tunnel and we are charged. The journey through the tunnel lasts about 5-6 minutes. In the city of Whittier is not much to see, there is a small harbor and there are several restaurants to try, which recommended swifwater seafood restaurant. Whittier passable crowded during summer. anton anderson tunnel

Whittier Harbor
The Whittier Harbor is your gateway to Prince William Sound. We are an ice-free port, open year round. There are 350 slips for both transient and permanent berth holders, to lengths of 54 ‘. The Whittier Harbor is a full-service establishment that tries to meet the needs of all boaters. whittier harbour in Alaska

Prince William Sound Museum

Come inside the Anchor Inn in downtown Whittier where a small but fascinating museum gives a glimpse of Whittier’s interesting history.

The Whittier Museum Association was formed in 2003. Over the last 12 years, the museum has built up a presentation of 25 exhibits in a 1200 square foot space donated by the Shen family at the Anchor Inn. These exhibits tell the story of Whittier’s history as a military port and rail terminal as well as reflections on Alaskan military heritage during World War II and the Cold War. Exhibits include the story of the exploration of Prince William Sound by the Spanish Navy in the late 1700s; the saga of the US Revenue Cutter “Bear” at the turn of the 20th century; polar flights in the 1920’s; the sinking of the S.S. Yukon in the Gulf of Alaska in 1946, and more. prince william sounds museum

Begich Towers Incorporated
The tower was built for military Begich. Now transformed into a city within a city. The post office, business and many more. Sound in the hallway bringing easy but nobody seems to mind. The apartments are old and worn, but comfortable. People who live there are friendly.

Jet-ski Glacier Adventures
for those who like water sports adrenaline, glacier adventures jet-ski can try during your vacation in the Whittier City.

Saltwater Excursions – Fishing Charters 
for those of you who like fishing may hire fishing equipment and then try fishing in this place would be very nice.  fishing charters in whittier
In short, if there are a thousand places to visit, Whittier City may be the one place that must be tried. so head to this place then you will find many interesting things, so many things and you will be excited.

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