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Facts about Mt. McKinley – Do you like mountain climbing? If so, you should try Mount McKinley. Mount McKinley is the highest mountain in North America. with a height of 20 320 feet (6194 meters) above sea level. if you have enough money you can climb this mountain, of course, you also have to have the courage also to climb this mountain in Alaska. mckinley alaska

Mount McKinley has two significant peaks: Peak south is higher than the peak of the northern part which has an altitude of 19 470 feet (5934 m) and stand around 1.320 feet(402 m).

In recent years, the local government tried to change the name of the mountain. The reason, they want to mount it have a name that reflects the Alaskan native traditions and native culture of Alaska.

Here are the facts about Mount McKinley

Location Mount Denali
Geographically, Mount Denali is located around 170 miles or 275 km southwest of Fairbanks area, or about 130 miles (210 km) northwest of the city of Anchorage is famous for. Mount Denali became a part of the natural wealth that is owned by Denali National Park.

Previously named Mount Mckinley
2015 is an important milestone for communities around Mount Denali. Because, not long ago, namely in August 2015, Mount McKinley has officially been renamed Mount Denali. Quoted from National Geographic, President Obama even paid his historic visit first, as the first US president to visit the Arctic Alaska to inaugurate the new name Mount Denali. The name is taken from the site Denali culture has a very important meaning for most native Alaska. Denali name is very familiar and used as the name of a very widespread throughout the state of Alaska.

How heights of Mount Denali?
To this day there are at least two versions of how the actual heights of Mount Denali definitely. In his official recorded in the United States government Denali altitude is 20 320 feet (6194 meters) above sea level, this number is believed over the last few decades. However reported by National Geographic, the latest official records of the US Geological Survey (USGS) who perform repeated measurements using satellite imagery Denali is known that high Mount Denali is 20 310 feet. Or less 10 feet from its original elevation. the decline does not mean that Mount Denali shrink. The initial measurement of the mountain is taken using the technology in the 1950s, and now there are better tools for measuring altitude. The latest measurement is more accurate than the old measurement.

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