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7 scariest island in the world – the holiday season is about to arrive, many people who have been or will be planning a vacation. many tourist destinations that can be visited. one of them went to an island and enjoy the beautiful beach in the island. but did you know that there are some scary island in the world that may not be your travel destination, or perhaps it could be a tourist destination you if you want to test your adrenaline. The following 7 scariest island in the worldIzu Islands,

1. Izu Islands, Japan
We need to breathe healthy air containing oxygen, although lately has been to contain urban air pollution. But at least the air was not an element of the deadly sulfur. But in the island of Izu is sulfur in the air.
The content of sulfur in the Izu islands due to high volcanic activity there. Izu be the location with the highest level of sulfur in the world, strangely enough there is still a minority people who live there. Want to join?

2. Ilha de Queimada Grande (Snake Island), Brazil
A fisherman found dead covered in blood in the vessel due to snake attacks, and a family killed by a snake attack at night. Wait, this is not a description of the film Indiana Jones or ANACONDA, but this is happening on the island of Ilha de Queimada Grande.
Sound less awful? Mentioned snake population on the island is described that every single square meter is filled by nearly five snakes. This is an island into a paradise snake in the world. Ilha de Queimada Grande

3. Ramree Island, Myanmar
In 1945, about 900 Japanese soldiers attacked a small island on the coast of Myanmar. Crossing the marshes, the enemy of the army which actually exists at that location. The result? 500 people were killed soldiers were attacked by a group of freshwater crocodiles.
Ramree Island is believed to be not only a home for mosquitoes carrying malaria or deadly scorpions, but also the most terrible predator, the crocodile. Ramree Island

4. Poveglia Island, Italy
Situated in a bay in Venice, Italy, the island seemed to describe what is in the film HOSTEL, SHUTTER ISLAND and SUCKER PUNCH. Initially Poveglia is a kind of location ‘disposal’ for those who contracted the disease. Thousands of people were quarantined at this location and they died on the island Poveglia.
About 160 thousand people died in Poveglia, with their bones were cremated. As if not awful, in 1922 built a mental hospital with bells creepy. Rumors say hospital doctors often perform a lobotomy for mental patients. Poveglia Island

5. Balls Pyramid, Australia
Balls Pyramid has a height of about 1,800 feet. Inhabited by horrible insects called Drycocelus australis. The insects are also often referred to by Lord Howe, measuring 6 inches and can not fly. While not deadly, but it can make shiver. Balls Pyramid

6. Fiji Island, Melanisea
What comes to mind when viewing pictures Fiji islands? A beautiful island for a honeymoon? One, throw away your mind. Fiji it is known as the island with numerous incidents of mysterious deaths. Including children’s stories of cannibals, the murder of children, child abuse.
Someone who came to this island in 1839 said she saw the bodies of young men, women, and children were taken to Rewa as the sacrifice for Tanoa. Even the body was cooked and eaten by a cannibal tribe population there, it should not proceed, because it was horrible. Fiji Island

7. The Great Pacific Garbage Patch, North Pacific
If the usual islands formed from the mainland, the island located in the North Pacific is made from a pile of garbage. With an area equivalent to Texas, the island contains the waste resulting from the rotation pattern of ocean currents. Maybe when stranded on this island we will fall into the water and was greeted by a shark. The Great Pacific Garbage Patch

says the most terrible seven islands in the world. whether the islands will be included in the list of travel destinations for you or not? holiday not only to a wonderful place not ?, sometimes we may as well try a tourist destination that test our adrenaline.

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