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3 famous castles in England – Who does not know the UK? country known for its culture and history. The country also has many impressive palaces. if you want to visit a country English? many places you can visit there, including the palace of the palace that is in English. you can learn the history and culture of the English nation by visiting some of the famous castle in the UK. What are some of the palace? The following 3 famous castles in England: Berry Pomeroy Castle

Berry Pomeroy Castle
Berry Pomeroy palace may not be too well known for its architecture or functionality, but because the story in it. The palace is located in Devon, England, is famous for having the same mystery scary story to the Tower of London. Reportedly, in the castle there are two ghost known as The White Lady and the Blue Lady, which he frequently appeared in the basement.

Windsor Castle
Windsor Castle in Berkshire, England and is the official residence of the British royal family. Windsor Castle survived the chaos that occurred in England, first in the event of civil war during the reign of Charles I and World War-2. The palace is also the oldest inhabited castle in Europe for more than 500 people working in the palace. Magnificent architecture is also a tourist attraction the world to look closely at the palace. The palace is a favorite palace of Queen Elizabeth II during weekends. Windsor Castle

Buckingham Palace
Perhaps we do not already familiar with the court on this one. Yup, Buckingham Palace is indeed very often appear in the media because it is where the head of state for the United Kingdom. The palace is also the official residence of the queen of England in London. Buckingham Palace frequented by tourists is itself a town hall that was built for the Duke of Buckingham in 1703. In 1761, the palace was used as a residence called The Queen’s house. Buckingham Palace

You are interested to visit it? You can learn many things about the history of English culture. take pictures to capture the moment with a royal background. interesting right? I hope this information can help you in finding information and tourist destinations. good luck!

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