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Pattaya, Thailand – if you want to vacation in a place that may not be used? for those of you who like to travel, especially for the men you should try visiting pattaya, thailand. pattaya, thailand

Pattaya originally was an ordinary fishing village. This area is transformed into a tourist center since the presence of 100 American troops on April 26, 1961, need a break during the Vietnam War. Now Pattaya is a beach delirious, frenzied. Two coastal areas, namely Festival Beach and Jomtien Beach is always crowded tourists. Over a third of the tourist to Thailand (about 4 million of average 11 million tourists per year), looked Pattaya. Not bad surprise that many restaurants or shops bearing the Cyrillic alphabet (Russia). “That’s because a lot of Russian tourists to Pattaya,” said Udomsil, temporary tattoo services provider that operates and secretly to avoid the police strike.

Moreover, the cap attached to Pattaya as the man’s paradise is no exaggeration. What man looking to realize his fantasies can be fulfilled here. Let’s start with bars A Go Go.Ini is a kind of bar that offers a type of female nude dancing strip-bar tease.Bar A Go Go was named Baccara, Iron Club, Utopia, Harry, Living Dolls. Fahrenheit and more is always crowded. One bar A Go Go was named ALCATRAZ A GO GO BAR night has a unique concept. The women working in this bar was given the role as prison Alcatraz in American communities; No prisoners, no detectives, no prison guards, all in minimal clothing. Which acts as an inmate, dancing snaking air-setting stage jail. Alcatraz also menyakikan spectacle they call Acrobatic Dance Pole. This is the kind of women serving in very skimpy clothing perform acrobatic movements and sensual with iron poles media. I could not write down the details of this attraction.

A website (http://ift.tt/1YqQODH) writes, Pattaya is the appeal of the girl. Getting women in Pattaya is not at all complicated; no matter you are old, short, ugly, or fat. You do not need to struggle for the women; they will look for you and make you feel safe and comfortable. Requirement is just no money; create nraktir drink and pay for the date, either a short time or long time. The latter is a full-night stand; The new girl will leave you tomorrow. That is why, at Pattaya you can buy a sticker that read NO MONEY NO HONEY.

Cabaret Show also is one of the attractions of Pattaya are looking for a man. It is a kind of dance performance presented by many dancers, dancers both women and effeminate (lady-boys). Treat dance truly varied, ranging from traditional dances to dress up sexy skimpy clothing.

so for those of you who want to visit Thailand, and intrigued by pattaya you can visit and see how life in pattaya.

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